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Err I have two 60 lb CQRs both on 200 ft of 3/8th chain. They are permanently mounted on a dual bow roller with a split chain locker. I have a single Lofrans Tigres [ top bit of kit ]

In shallow water and calm conditions I can JUST retrieve an anchor by hand.

If I have two deployed which is a very rare occurrence, I retrieve one normally, disconnect the anchor on that one and leave it dangling, manually swap the retrieved chain into the empty side, reattach the dangling anchor, swap the second anchor chain onto the gypsy and retrieve it. The disadvantage is that you finish up with the chain swapped over and in my case my second one is at the end of it's life.

Some one recommended tandem anchoring in another thread and while I have never done it in theory this should work to retrieve it using my set up. Attach a line to the outer anchor and zip tie it along the chain past the inner anchor. It should come at least 10 ft past the inner. I would retrieve as normal up to the inner, cutting the zip ties, swap the line onto the rope gypsy and retrieve the outer anchor. I see no reason why this would not work.
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