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Most windlasses have a gypsy and a drum or capstan (both independently operable), even the vertical ones. If you deploy two anchors, one is on the gypsy and you use the drum for the other. It is a simple matter to secure the gypsy and use the drum or Vice Versa. You can, of course, purchase windlasses with two gypsies but that starts getting expensive. Most folks w/o two gypsies use chain/rode on their second anchor, so only those few feet of chain are wrapped around the drum; the rest is line. It's a simple, quick system easily managed alone. If your boat is over about 32' you should get an electric windlass. Last week, the only cruiser I've seen in quite some time with a manual windlass, nearly lost his boat because he began to drag in a pretty good blow and it took him way too long to hand crank his anchor up.
His wife couldn't hold the boat in place while he was cranking up the anchor, so he was effectively dragging his anchor through the anchorage when it was still on the bottom, without enough scope to stick, but with plenty and enough to have caught another boat's gear. He got VERY, VERY lucky.
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