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Do you have a lunch hook on board? A small anchor or grapple, or something you can use as one?

In BC you may find that your stern is tied ashore but your bow anchor is in 100++ feet of water, it is often a rather steep drop into the water from the shore.

So, if you anchor your bow, and then literally THROW something into the trees on the shore, just to "hold it steady" until you can row in and do better, that may be all the help you need.

With any kind of line, I'd rather take the line ashore and then run it BACK TO THE BOAT, so that I can cast off without going off deck again.

Just remember that trees often are not rooted as deeply or as well as you might think, if you are tying off to one, or around one, make sure it is going to stay put.

In a lot of those coves and anchorages, the water is dead calm (DEAD CALM) and mirror smooth if the wx is good, making the single-handing much safer and simpler. If the wx was up...that would be something else again.
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