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How to buy a sail?

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I have had my boat for 2 years now. It was an oldish boat (1982 Tartan 3000) with old sails. I had other things to fix so I kept postponing buying new sails while fixing the other things. The jib finally blew. It was a UK sails 155% Genoa cut for racing. It must have been really nice when it was younger, but it still sailed really well even with all the mildew on it. I need to buy a new sail and don't know what to look for. I keep the sail on a roller reefer, I like to cruise but on occasions race. Sails these days are coming in different cuts and materials, many of which I don't know. I'd like something practical that sails well and fast. What should I be looking for?

My second question is about buying from small sail-makers. I live in Miami and there is a small sail-maker called Bremen Sails which people seem to recommend. Is it safe to buy a sail from them or it's better to go with Doyle, UK Sails or North Sails? Anywhere else I should look?

Thank you.

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I think in many cases you can get good service and value from a small local independant sail maker. Generally prices can be lower and they need to be pretty well service oriented to stay in business with major lofts nearby.

Arguably you may get a notch better performing sail from the major players, but even so, again, arguably the average (casual racer) sailor isn't necessarily going to see the difference. But if the local outfit is strictly a cruising sail loft and you do want to race, they may not be the one you want to deal with.

When it comes to choosing a sail, you're going to hear about a lot of different materials and cuts. You'll have to have an idea if you're primarily after performance, longevity or low cost. The sailmaker should be able to help you with that decision.
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