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How to removing ammeter

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The old ammeter no longer works... is redundant anyway with my new(er) more sophisticated battman system that measures everything electrical anyway.

I want to remove the old metre. I understand the metre is wired in series. SO can I just unbolt the cables tabbed to either side of the metre, then just rejoin the two cable tabs together by-passing the old metre, so completing the circuit?

Thanks in advance.
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I did read the link (which certainly added to my education) but is not directly relevant to my setup, since my internally shunted ammeter is NOT in the cockpit but mounted through the engine bay wall; the connections inside the engine bay extend the overall cable run from the alternator by no more than a foot.
It is relevant because an internally shunted ammeter is a restriction in charging current wherever it is mounted.
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Looks like the second wire on the alternator/ammeter side goes directly to a battery bank. The wire on the other side of the fuse seems to go to a battery switch for the house or start bank I can't tell... but some of this is deduction, actually eyeballing this would require dismantling half the boat!
With a multimeter set to continuity and a test lead you can confirm where any wire on the boat goes.
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A 20' 16 gauge wire (1.5mm) with an alligator clip on each end extends the multimeter range enough. I carry 2 leads in my kit. Gets around bulkheads and adding both together will reach from one end of a 40' boat to the other. Costs very little.
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