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I have not read the article, I came across this thread searching for grammatical correctness for a client's brochure on a particular usage: "charter yacht" or "charter-yacht"? However, as grammar is the crux of this discussion, I will toss in my 2-cents worth and will have to agree with Denver and Siamese.

The main business objectives, I suspect, for your article/s, are that you want:
1) people to CHOOSE your business with which to spend their hard-earned money AND limited leisure-time.
2) build your audience's/s' trust in you and your brand (become a trusted source of information: the "go-to" guy, as it were.)
3) attract the "right" audience/s.

Commercially, bad grammar, bad spelling, incomplete information—any or all of the above—will have a negative, psychological affect on the reader, whether they are consciously aware of it or not.

For instance, psychological translations (consciously or sub-consciously):

1) It is difficult to read = plants a seed: doing business with them may be difficult
(emotion triggered: annoyance, irritation => "to heck with this, I'll find another provider")
2) Bad grammar/spelling: refer to Denver's quote: "If you are too cheap and/or lazy to do that" = is this business too cheap or lazy to perform proper maintenance/service? Will the boat be safe?
(emotion triggered: fear => is my and my family's/friends' safety at risk?)
3) Bad grammar/spelling (in any language) = careless / sloppy
(emotion triggered: doubt, lack of trust => are they a slipshod organization? Can I trust them?)
4) other examples can be applied, but you should get the gist by now.

Your organization may be exactly NONE of these things. Possibly, the polar opposite. You may be a top-of-the-line, progressively managed company with product and services unparalleled in the industry. However, as thinking AND emotional beings, emotions ARE triggered, irregardless, and then we think about them.

If your org is chartering and/or selling yachts, you are more than likely talking to educated, mid- to upper-management DECISION-MAKERS, who must make sound business decisions, daily, based on given and presented information. To this, I refer you back to points 1 through 4 above and the many valid points the others have made.

Taking points 1-4 into consideration, the audience you may end up attracting are those that don't care about slipshod, do not take safety into consideration, "the party is the point" kind of people. Consider how these people will treat your staff and/or product. Especially consider it, if you are managing other peoples boats or your own.

In reading the tone of their comments, I don't get the feeling anyone is trying to antagonize you and/or your organization. I do, however, get the feeling they are truly trying to offer you useful information. In what may be more familiar lingo, "Dude, you really need to fix your sh*t, man."

Another thing, especially on public forums, a defensive response to constructive criticism (and most especially, should you receive a complaint), underscores prospective clients' emotional triggers, think: doubt, fear, annoyance. Here, snap decisions will most likely be more easily made.

Note that other readers will want to see—to KNOW—how you/your organization handles the problem. Specifically because, should they CHOOSE to do business with you and should they encounter a problem with your product, such as, the boat's toilet doesn't flush properly or the stereo doesn't work, your response on these forums are ALL of the example by which people have to judge you and your organization. And judge you, they will, NO doubt! It is, after all, their hard-earned cash (or credit) and very limited time they will entrust with you.

As ol' Willie said, "Me thinks doth protest too much." In the world of marketing, we say, "acknowledge the problem and offer a solution," THEN I'll trust you with my "sh*t."

Having said all of that, if my client is managing other people's boats for charter, is it:

Charter-Yacht Management Services or
Charter Yacht Management Services ?
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