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Batteries need to be toughened up, not coddled. Bringing them indoors makes them lose electrons ( I'm Positive) which renders them fat and lazy, like your neighbor's pampered dog or an errant relative's stepson.
No amount of beating or cussing on a group 24, 27 or varieties such as 4's, 8's, 16's or the Orwellian mutant LiOns will revive a recalcitrant battery from a stupified state.
Many modern batteries seem to simply enjoy burning a light, starting a tractor or snow blower now and then. Most ( especially older) left to there own devices prefer to hibernate and like bears are best avoided while asleep in their accustomed battery lair.
Virgin, hopeful, new or especially stupid (and terribly, awfully old) batteries may be given a bit of juice now and then - solar, wind, diesel, gas or pedal power, the electron storage device cares not - a wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse or a lead enfeebled battery.
Our generally faithful power pod abides no season. Is there "ert" while our lead acid friend lies inert? - is it just us inert while our batteries wait for action?.
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