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This is a pretty complicated situation that you are describing. A non- cored boat, like the Hunter in question, that has been out of the water for the winter, and which has been in a dry climate should not show a high moisture. Over the course of the winter the boat should be able to dry out on its own to the point that low meter readings would be expected even in a boat with water absorbsion problems. So I can understand why a seller would be skeptical.

On the other hand, you have hired a surveyor that you have trust in. He moved his instrument around the hull and demonstrated both high and low repeatable readings depending where he was on the hull. This suggests that his moisture meter is working and that your surveyor knows how to use it.

I would have to say depend on yoru surveyor. He is working for you.

BUT if you have any serious question about the findings, get a second opinion from another surveyor. Get recommendations from people in the local repair business as to who they think is a knowledgeable surveyor and ask that person to come out and take new readings. It should not be all that expensive to get just moisture readings on a 28 foot boat.

The other peice of this puzzle is where this moisture is coming from. I would also ask your surveyor where he thinks this moisture is coming from.

Good luck
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