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Hull to Keel Repair

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Can someone tell me what to use to seal the seam between the hull and the lead keel. Thanks
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Crack at joint?

If it is the crack that develops between the f/g keel stub and an external keel, what worked for me was:

1. Clean up any loose material and let it dry comletely.
2. Fill gap with 5200 and let dry
3. Put a 3" piece of f/g tape over the the gap with epoxy resin (I used West epoxy and tape)
4. Fair and paint.
Are you sure you don't need to pull the keel? Do you have any pics? Is water weeping in? You wouldn't want to put a bandaid over some serious cancer.......i2f
Keel Repair

I have never had the boat in the water so I don't know if it leaks. I can see between the keel and the hull for about 6 inches back from the front point of attachment


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Tha tlooks like a lot of seperation. Maybe you should pour water in the bilge, and see what appears outside? I would definately seperate the 2 no matter what. There is a great thread here on this exact subject from about 4 months back. One of the posters had great instructions with pics. If the yard wants to splash this boat with a bandaid on it. I would never return to the yard again.......i2f
In assessing how to repair the keel/stub joint, it is worth considering that a boat sitting on its keel on the hard, and a boat in the water (or hanging in slings), could present two entirely different situations. I would take a look at the keel/stub joint with the boat in the slings and then figure if a cosmetic or structural repair is needed.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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