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I am the owner of a 1988 Erickson/Olson 25 #120, and am interested in any information that you may have regarding the hull weight of the Erickson/Olson 25.

Pacific Seacraft has supplied a brochure of the Erickson/Olson 25, 30S and 34 on their website, showing that the Erickson/Olson 34 had a corrected hull weight, which was penciled in, of 9800 lbs. instead of the advertised 8800 lbs.--which, I believe, was the weight when Pacific Boats was manufacturing these models. Other owners have had the 30S weighed and found a discrepancy of over 1000 lbs. I have not been able to find a source documenting the weight difference of the Erickson/Olson 25.

The Erickson/Olsons appear to be quite well constructed, which may account for the weight difference. The Pacific Boats Olsons had wood stringers under the floorboards and a very different interior. the Erickson/Olsons have the familiar Erickson structural grid, full vinyl headliner and exrensive teak trim. The fiberglass may also be more heavily laid up. This difference is very
important to me, though because it will determine a fair rating for P.H.R.F. fleet placement.

I appreciate any information that you may be able to forward to me, or any assistance you may be able to provide regarding contacts or information sources.

Thank you, in advance, for your courteous assistance.
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