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I would look at a used Catalina 25 before I bought one of these newer boats. I sailed a C25 with a swing keel for 6 years. It was heavy, but easy to launch and recover. We did a lot of lake sailing and two to three week trips to the Pacific Northwest. I think the older boat has a much better layout and design than the newer ones.

I hated the layout of the Catalina 250 particularly the head arrangement. Also the head room was very limited in the water ballast version. The fixed keel looked like it would be difficult to launch from the trailer.

Take a real good look at the sleeping arrangements on the Hunter. With no V-berth you would have to use the aft berth. Think about the difficulty of getting two people in and out of it.

I think a V-berth makes a lot more sense in a boat this size. That space in the back is good for storage or sleeping for small kids.

Happy sailing whatever your choice. Take a hard look at the older boats.

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