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H260 vs H250

I have a H260. I've looked at the boats mentioned. Without a doubt the Hunter has more cabin room and cockpit space. Other advantages include ease of launching and trailering. :)

On the other hand I favor fixed keel boats for their better sailing manners. My experience is that given equal displacements and dimensions, the fixed keel boat will handle better and be less tender. However, the fixed keel boat is not as easy to trailer and launch.

Both the Hunter and Catalina boats are excellent costal sailors as long as you understand their limitations.

More on this subject at: Mistress of Grand Traverse
thanks, this late post added to my research here in 2020; it provided an important link. I dont really understand folks commenting about new information on old subjects. Those comments just make it harder to find the info. I'm looking for an affordable trailer sailer near the SF Bay.
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