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I sort of agree with the other guy, look at the older C25''s, but if you are dead set on a new, I would go with the C250. I just recently purchased one and love it. I had to adjust to the head room. I was used to 6'' clearance in my old Ericson, so I felt cramped at first. The Catalina 250 is a nice boat, I have a Wing keel. She sails nice and can handle more than you think. I''ve been on some hunter''s in the pass and they seem more tender then the catalinas and want to heel on any little wind.
The C250 has a nice v berth that suits me just fine (i''m only 5''8"), but its really up to you look at the old and the new, crawl all around them. sit down below for a while and see if you could call it home, and try to get your hands on their tiller and see how they fly.
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