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We are considering a purchase of a Hunter 41 but have heard some concerns about the lack of a back stay. I realize that they have compensating by moving the side stays back, but I have concerns over the amount of pressure that could be put on the mast, on a free flow. I would like to hear from people who have had experience with the Hunter boats. This is the only concern, but I am not sure it really should be of a concern.


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It isn't a worry, I've pounded mine for years and the rig still is standing. There are 1000s of B&R rigged boats and cats without backstays around doing just fine.

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Michael - I moved your post to a more appropriate forum. The other forum is mainly for technical issues with the site itself.

We have a similar rig setup - not as extreme as Hunter's, but I do have a backstay though it's not critical to keep the rig standing. I prefer to have some sort of backstay for peace of mind and mainsail trim control - the but 'trussed' rigidity of the Hunter's B&R rig probably negates any effect that a backstay might have if it was there. The rig allows for a large roach mainsail as well - without the inevitable interference you'd have with any backstay.

Hunter has sold many such boats, so I suppose they 'work', but my preference is for something more conventional.
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