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Hunter b&r rig chain plates

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Ahoy, I have a 1996 hunter 430. This vessel has the rod type chain plates in the deck. Around the chain plates are a lot of stress cracks, the vessel had a bad fire inside and i am not sure if i should trust the chain plates, or mount new ones on the hull. Is there a way to test load the chain plates so they don't give while under way? I was told that heat strengths fiberglass? Has anyone ever mounted plates on the hull of one of these rigs before?thanks
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OOPS are you talking about the chain plates that are in the fiberglass? That setup does not look like any inspection is possible, and would take destructive measures to inspect. OUCH.

Hunter 430 dismasted -

And I thought the chain plates on Island Packets were bad.
I think Hunter might need to come up with a new term for "chainplate"...

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