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Hunter b&r rig chain plates

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Ahoy, I have a 1996 hunter 430. This vessel has the rod type chain plates in the deck. Around the chain plates are a lot of stress cracks, the vessel had a bad fire inside and i am not sure if i should trust the chain plates, or mount new ones on the hull. Is there a way to test load the chain plates so they don't give while under way? I was told that heat strengths fiberglass? Has anyone ever mounted plates on the hull of one of these rigs before?thanks
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That's calling for a heck of a lot of fiberglass remediation. I wouldn't flinch at cutting out and redoing the entire section-- but I would most definitely use a different system/design rather than just reconstructing what is there. That system looks weak from the start.

Fiberglassing over stainless steel is a like a marriage between incompatible signs, bound to lead to a separation.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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