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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I figure cruiser proably have more experience with this kind of thing. I 28 foot boat is on a mooring on northern chesapeake. (bohemia river ). I only have a little 11 hp motor that at most does 4 knots. Right now the motor will not start. I am having a guy look at it on early saturday. By that time Hurricaine Bill should be off hateras NC posed to hit VA,MD,DE,NJ with 100+ winds. I read somewhere take all the canvas off. Ill do that. I need to get a 2nd line for the mooring which I can get on friday night. The existing line and then 2nd one I will put on is 3/4 inch. I also plan on putting chafe gear around them both and lashing the wheel in place. Should I leave it on the mooring? or get it put on the hard? I was on the hook in a chartered 30 foot sailboat in 65 mile winds a few years ago and I would not llike to repeat although we were on the boat when a storm went through 3 weeks ago that had 35 miles winds and the boat was not swing back and forth like that other one did however I was paniced because they had said tornado warning. So I am not really keen on going somewhere and riding it out.

The mooring is on the north side of the river. Its about a half mile across. The river runs east west. If the wind is from the east,south,or west the wave fetch would be a half mile or more. Not exactly sheltered.

Also I draw 4.5 feet. I have never had the boat hauled at this marina (only just bought it) I have only ever been in as far as the fuel dock. I was told that I can only get hauled out at high tide around noon so if I miss that the next chance sunday at noon probably in the middle of high winds. so if I can not get motor running by noon haul out is not an option.

your thoughts?
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