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We are buying our boat in BVI and we plan to cruise in the area for a few years. Thus far, I can only find insurance companies that cover 250 miles from BVI land, but I am still researching other companies at this point. The agent brought up the "Hurricane Box" and to stay out of it unless we purchase additional expensive coverage. She could not define or elaborate on the Box limits but she will send me more information later...

Is the Hurricane Box area defined and documented somewhere? Is it an insurance company tool where as the Box limits vary with each company and the time to be out and return differs? Where are the Boxes located? Where is a good place to go within 250 miles of BVI that will be safe and "out of the Hurricane Box"?

Some say putting on-hard is bad for the hull, others say the summer months is a wonderful time in BVI and over size ground tackle in a protected bay is adequate. Could you help with this dilemma?

It seems we will need to purchase insurance coverage from a number of companies to cruise a "prolonged" distance. Is this true? The Sea of Cortez is our ultimate cruising goal, but it seems we will need +3 different insurance carriers to get there. Are there insurance carriers that will cover more area? We have been looking around but have not found any as yet.

Please provide your much respected opinion.

Thank you,


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This is the zone called the Hurricane Box between 12 degrees 40 minutes N LAT to 23 degrees 30 minutes N LAT while between 55 degrees W LON and 85 degrees W LON July 1 to Nov 1
There are companies that will right year round coverage for Live aboards and cruisers for more money and most require a written Hurricane Plan. The other option is to sail south druing the Hurricane Season. There are places in the US and British Virgins to haul out as well as in Puerto Rico.
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