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In a related post, I'm looking for references on a rebuild shop for my spent Hurth HBW 50. But in my investigation, I stumbled on the fact that Hurth's HBW 50 has supposedly been superceded by ZF-5, then again by a ZF-6 and now is 'matched' in spec to a ZF-10 model. And get this, typical remanufactured units are about the same price as the brand-new ZF's I'm seeing online - right around $1,100 for the -6 and $1,400 for the -10. Whereas remanufactured unit, after core charge is satisfied, comes in around $1,000.

I'm a bit skeptical and afraid that I'll run into some sort of issue. The only difference sited between these ZF's. Anyone have any experience replacing their Hurths with the newer ZF line?

Thank you as always!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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