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Hi Everyone!

I got bit by the sailing bug only about a month ago. I'd always gone out on powerboats for fishing trips, but never considered sailing before (too many lines, looks too complicated, engine's too small, too slow, etc). I've always loved being near/out on the water and have decided to give sailing a shot. So right now I feel like a dry sponge that's just been thrown into a bucket of water -- trying to absorb as much as possible as quickly as possible.

I'll take sailing lessons later this year (probably up on Lake Erie) and try to get out on some boats too. My goal is to have a boat by this time next year.

I'm in Columbus, OH, but want to see the coast of North Carolina from the water. Part of my family is from eastern NC, so I've always felt a connection with the state and its coast. Any tips on sailing/exploring NC for a newbie would be greatly appreciated!

I'm not sure how much I'll be contributing to the discussions around here since my sailing knowledge is almost non-existent, but I'll be reading all the posts.

By the way, Giu's videos are great! I've learned so much just from watching and studying them. Thanks Giu!

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