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My Dad's club when he was young in 1908, is the Paco D'Arcos club, in the between of Lisbon and Cascais, on the coast.

I had races there this last weekend, for the first time in life.:p :p :p

I used same rampe my father used when he was young, and my father was proud.;) ;)

My fater did not see the race to the end because he went to hospital for the operartion.

I was 26th Overall, I am slowly coming down, but my dad does not know, so I make this here so he can read now in bed and be happy.OK??

I was 26!!:D :D :D

you can see my pictures here

Pictures by optimaniasail - Photobucket

but I glue them here, too and now you can also soo.


the day we go to sail, my new jacket for cold

My mum and my dad and Luis went by car, I went by sea on my boat, it was only 10 miles trip by boat

My dad helped ready the boat, with Luis, my dad was very nervous because he went to hospital

Luis saied the bioat is from Luis now..but he can have my old Opti, but he is too small

so luis helps me

Luis cries he wants to come with me but he can't go or I lose DEQ

This is same ramp my dad used when he was kid, n ow I used it, and one day I have a baby he uses it too, this ramp is hard to eat

Luis is one of us noiw

it was colf, and I have new gear my mom bougt froe me

and I go

THIS IS THE NEW RACING START CLOCK my dad bring for counts becakwards and beeps every minute then every 5's veru good for the start

Obrigado Papa


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Well done Fred!

We're all proud of you!:) And I'm sure this news brings great happiness to your father while he is recovering. That will help him feel better.:)

P.S. I like your new countdown clock. Very handy.

Leap! The net will appear
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Fred, you are quite the sailor rock!
I need a timer like it comes in handy.

Keep up the hard work, you'll catch those other guys soon.

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Good pictures, Fred, and that ramp looks very nice, because it hides the wind until the last moment!

Was your dad really at the club in 1908? He looks pretty good!

"My Dad's club when he was young in 1908, is the Paco D'Arcos club, in the between of Lisbon and Cascais, on the coast."
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