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18 year old male with lifelong sailing experience. 3.8 GPA, atheletic, quick learner ready to jump aboard. Have sailed New England coastal and inland waters and caribbean. email me at [email protected]
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Hello Joe,
I am planing to do a world tour with an 72 feet schooner, and I am still looking for crew, we are 2 at this time and I need an other one it might take a cupple of years, we dont have fix plans, we only want to have fun and enjoy sailing and knowing countries we are 28 and 30 years.
we will most slightly do some charters or else to get some money which will be distributed between us so that will be the finance on board, I can only offer you acomodation and fun at the begining but we will find a way thrugh dont because no one of us can aford the travell if we dont do sume money on the way.
please let me know some more of you.

kind regards

2 years is longer than what i was planning. I only have about 6 months. Thanks for your interest
Nico if this is still a possibility I would like to explore further with you and your partner. I have 2 years to spare around the world. I am an excellent cook.
to Argos 2020
that sounds good, I am courently in France, La rochelle on the Atlantic, 100 miles north from Bordeaux, leaving for Spain Malaga on the 20th of January, to coold here I am still seeking for crew, I am 28 years and have a 19 merter steel Ketch very seaworthy, tell me if you are still intrested and if you want to join this trip would be ideal to se if we get along if everythig goes good you are welcome to stay the full trip planing to spend the summer in the med and in October cross the atlantic, I have é dogs on board hope you like dogs German shepards, good sailors too jejeje,

hope to hear from you soon
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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