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ICW coffee table book

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Reading a related thread on ICW resources, which best direct people to Active Captain and other real time resources, I recalled a common occurrence.

Often, guests or even just my wife and I will consider a question about a region along the coast, or the controlling depths for a buddy that is considering a transit or some other question. It would be great to have a handy resource, rather than have to grab a computer. Actually, the old fashion concept of a coffee table book is a great conversation starter too.

So, which to you think would be best? Don't really need charts, as much as something that noted controlling depths and air drafts, inlets, abundance of anchorages, ports of interest along the way, etc.
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Well! This is one thread that would certainly NOT be complete without my comments....forgive me all.
Siegel states that he has never banned anyone over disagreeing with him. That's a flat out lie. I have been banned from AC for nothing more than disagreeing with him. Not that I'm surprised Siegel would lie about this, he lies about a great many things as we all know. Furthermore, he doesn't like the fact that I find and discuss the many, many errors that are in the AC database. That's another topic for another day however.
The arguments against me are typically personal. I don't attack anyone who is willing to have an honest debate about facts.
Another lie. At one point in time (until 2011) I used to get along with Siegel, until he had a difference of opinion with me and began some rather vitriolic attacks. That's history now and unimportant.
However, anytime I attempt to engage him in an honest discussion, he either refuses to respond, or gets nasty. The only place that isn't happening is on the SSCA, largely because he's been told in no uncertain terms by those in charge to behave there. I can just imagine the gnashing of teeth over that.
What's my disagreement cost me? Over the past two and a half years, I've had to contact the police to keep Siegel from harassing me in a variety of ways, from being signed up for 47 evangelical Christian daily newsletters (he pulled that one twice), getting 3 am wake up calls from an online wake up service, newsletters from online gay sites - whatever he felt would bug me.
I've also had to warn SAIL Magazine, where I'm a contributing editor, to monitor letters in response to my articles online (he's put out some nasty stuff there), monitored my own blog carefully (more nasty comments), and I've had to spend (waste) time monitoring anything I post on other sites as Siegel tracks this stuff on the net and then puts in his own abusive replies. Since his style of writing is easily identifiable, and no one else really cares, who else could it be?
Additionally, just a short while back, he libelled me on his Facebook page, lying outright about my association with Waterway Guides, my pay, and the quality of the product. He removed that quickly enough when I made it clear it would lead to a lawsuit if it wasn't. And yes, I've kept copies and screenshots in case they're ever needed.
He also recently lied outright about the Miami Boat show incident of two years ago, when he publicly and crudely berated the then acting president of the NMEA. He's hacked the former president of the Marine Trawler Owner's Association, and spoofed emails there. it goes on and on...and on....
One only has to go to the Panbo article - Innovation & the future of NMEA 2000...{the personal drama edition} - Panbo Forum to get the opinion of a highly regarded marine professional on Siegel.

Siegel got ONE thing correct here - anyone care to guess? Since he's not Steve Jobs, that leaves just one thing unremarked upon...
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