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Ahoy... I have a 21' Aquarius a friend gave me last year. I started sailing it in Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho and have had a ball. It's slow and not fancy, but it gets me out there in the wind and on the water. I've had lots of power boats, canoes, other floating things.

I've also sailed a few racier boats in Portland, OR on the Columbia River. Weird, sailing on a river, but there's enough wind coming out of the Gorge usually....

I would love to do some sea sailing at some point. Tall mast stuff too. Maybe go in on a Bahamas rent/cruise with some other folks. I'm pretty handy with stuff and learn fast but there's a lifetime of things to learn, isn't there?

If you're in the area, and the wind's southeasterly, we'll hoist the sails and the drinking flag!
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