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It has been a long time since I posted here.
A quick update:

I live in NJ and bought an Etap 26 in April of 2008 in the Chesapeake just as gas prices spiked above $4 a gallon. We sailed her home on alternating weekends with the tides in August, about 280 miles to Toms River, NJ. I then found out she had a serious hull/keel problem, and we pulled here out.

I had waited almost 25 years to be able to afford a boat again. Took a huge pay cut right after buying the Etap. Took another huge pay cut the following year.

Found out I had prostate cancer and decided to hire someone to put the boat back together so it would be at least salable. The guys wife was killed in a car accident two weeks later and I never saw him again!

Got the keel fixed finally, and the week before Hurricane Sandy hit we broke the guide tabs off trying to put it back on so I could take the boat home. Tied her down with large screw anchors and wide straps. One of the few boats that didn't float away in the marina, five other boats piled up against her but no damage.

Took a new job, and the old boss stiffed me out of a large percentage of my yearly pay, yet again. My own brother stiffed me out of over $30,000 as well. The new job is a draw against commisions, with a potentially big upside, but so far it is looking like another pay cut!

Decided to take a hiatus from boating. I let all my boat magazine subscriptions expire, avoided boating forums and let the boat sit, eating me out of house and home with marina fees.

Thought I had the grandson interested in making stuff so I started a project to build a little CNC mill/lathe/3D printer. Funny how projects like that take on a life of their own, and the time to build and cost just go way over the top! Between the delays and such he lost all interest in the machine. You can see it here:

Ifactory Photos by garyhlucas | Photobucket

I thought we could make some paint scrapers that I patented about 15 years ago, so I started making parts but he clearly wasn't interested. However I did finish a small batch and have put one up on Ebay. If anyone is interested search for Paint Scraper, Boat, Bottom, Paint, Carbide.

So the boat has been out of the water for over 6 years now. I've been sailing a few times with friends. I have a sailing dinghy too, but haven't used that this year as well. Maybe it is time to accept that me and boats are NOT meant to be!

Gary H. Lucas

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Don't give up on boating. I have been out of work for almost 2 years, and my wife is about to get cut from her job. We're both in our 50's, and have found that the boat is the only escape from the pressure (and BS) that has been driving us in the rest of our lives.

I have been trying to view the videos, but PhotoBucket is not the appropriate service to host them. Try YouTube. I have a friend in the plastics industry that is always buying CNC equipment, and he may be interested in what you have, or what you can do. I will need to show him videos that stream better than from PhotoBucket.

Hang in there man.
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