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I am interested in importing a 2006 Leopard 43, built in South Africa, into the US. We've owned her for 7 years, in Mexico, she is US flagged and has never entered the US.
Does anyone one have definitive knowledge (I have had many different replies so far) on import duties? Standard rate is 1.5% but the SAR was except, is it still? And, 1.5% of what?
Bonus question would be rate into California (I've been told anywhere from 10% of value at purchase to 0% because we have owned her more then six months)?
Finally, same question for Florida.
I contacted one broker who worked on it awhile and then said it was too complicated and I should ask someone else ... very professional.
I'd appreciate any help ... this should be a simple matter but we seemed to have slipped into such complexity that even the customs guys give me different answers depending on who I ask - I'm not comfortable taking the cheapest answer and hoping for the best as they all say they are not responsible for the opinion given!!!
Thanks for any help!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts