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In Gear

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I recently bought my first sail boat with a diesel inboard auxillary engine. The boat is a Pearson 36 with a 30 H.P. Yanmar. After hoisting the sails is the transmission supposed to be left in neutral or in forward gear while sailing? I have reviewed the boats manual and the engine manual and neither one mentions the issue. I have also heard opposing view points from a few other sailors. Is there a right way and if so why.
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I put it in gear, but this is because I have
a folding prop that tends to "unfold"
otherwise, I am sure it doesn''t matter that
mack boring recccomends to put the engine in reverse when sailing.
Find a mechanic who is familiar with Yanmar, and follow the advice. I have a 25h.p. Universal Diesel with a huge warning sticker not to sail in forward gear. (No explanation) Also, very bold detail in the owners manual saying the same thing. What I do is Shut down the engine in forward gear, and leave if for a few seconds, to feather my max-prop. Once feathered, I shift to neutral. Regardless, know that it is a very important topic as far as transmissions are concerned. Visit to learn more. (Universal site, but you can learn some anyway) Good luck

1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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