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Like other poster said--get a feel for "normal" effort both furling and unfurling. If required effort increases, then you have a problem. Do not ignore it.

Once in a while, the whole operation gets stuck while furling or unfurling. If you think about it, this also happens with a headsail furling system.

Say you're done sailing, and while furling the mainsail, it stops furling with the sail only halfway into the mast. The wind is piping up, the waterspout bears down on you....ok maybe I don't need that much drama...

More seriously, here is an often effective solution: Unfurl the sail a few feet, and then resume furling.

This was unsettling the first time it happened to a buddy and me--being stuck with a sail only halfway put away. We eventually realized that the leech somehow folded over a bit as it rolled up into the mast. This was maybe 2/3 of the way up the leech right as it disappeared into the mast. Unrolling and then re-rolling things solved the problem.

Really, don't worry about it too much. Like anything else, play around a bit in calmer conditions, and then you'll be ready for the exciting stuff.
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