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It really is pretty simple. When you first clear the breakwater, head into the wind with the motor on idle and practice a few times. Can't take more than that to be comfortable.

Here's a couple more furling main thoughts:

Keep some slack in the mainsheet, especially if the wind is shifty. If you are confident in staying dead into the wind, even leaving the mainsheet completely loose is fine, so you don't start sailing before you are ready to.

The outhaul is going to be one of your primary sail shape controls. We can not adjust ours under load and have to get it close to begin with. Otherwise, we have to come up on the wind and adjust, which also typically means furling the genoa back in too. You don't just pull it to the end and start sailing. However, bareboat sails are often blown out a bit, so I suspect you'll be snugging it down more often than not.

Good luck and have fun.
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