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I have in-mast furling on my CatalinaMkII36 and have conscientiously taken down the mainsail and genoa every winter. I assume it is NOT recommended to leave either sail in place over winter when snow, ice and frost will do their jobs. However, just in case this is misplaced or old-fashioned thinking - and since my crew and I are getting a bit older, too - I just want confirmation that this is indeed a "must-do". Thanks!
Love the 36, great boat.

I think it is a good idea to take down both your main and genoa during the winter. It gets the them out of the weather and give you a change to inspect the halyards.

Having said that...... I have in mast furling as well. Since we sail year round here in the PNW, I never take down my main and genoa. I SHOULD take them down at least yearly to inspect the gear, but I don't.
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