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I am 70 yr young and have just purchased a steel 43'' cutter rigged sail boat. The main is 460 sq ''. I have lazy jacks but find putting the main down in any thing but light winds to be dificult.

My previous boat a Gulf 32 had a dutchman flaking system. It was not perfect when you putdown the main but most of it remained under control. Only the small portion that was beyond the wire would billow out. This did not have full battens.

I need to replace the main as it is 18 years old and has a belly at the foot. The fabric is of course tired and ready to go. I plan to sail off shore next year. Just completed a trip to the San Juan Islands from Coos Bay Origon and return, or about the middle of the state. The trip back was fantastic wind 15 to 20 from the North and 10 to 14'' waves. This I sailed by my self with the head sail poled out. Saw a high speed of 9 kn and low of 1.7 kn. Averaged 5.6 kn. (This info as background.)

Any one who has a large ocean going sail boat with the dutchman or the in the boom furler I want to talk with about how they have found their system. Will the dutchman do the job or do I need to go all out and go to the in the boom furler to keep control of the main?
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