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How much you spending?

When I bought my house, we were in a bidding war. There were 6 offers on the table that were all within a few grand of each other. Seller came back with a "Best and Final" request to all of the bidders. I hate leaving money on the table so I was debating whether to go up X or X+500. My wife reminded me that if the extra $500 would get us the house, the extra $500 over 30 years is, well nothing. In my effort to be penny pitching, I missed the big picture.

Back to your situation. If your paying $150K for a new boat and it costs you an extra $400 to 500 to have it short-hauled for a bottom inspect, in the big picture its nothing. If you can't afford the extra $500, think very hard about buying the boat.

If you want to paly hardball, suggest to the dealer that he pay for the haul. If he balks, then offer to split it.

When I bought my boat, I saw it on the hard, but had to have it hauled (short) to have the surveryor look at the bottom as it was launched a few days after I had seen it.

Bottom line: To get the best overall survey, you need to have the boat in and out of the water to at some point.

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