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I am considering purchasing a new boat (Bene 31) from dealer stock.
Congratulations !
One complication is, the boat is already commissioned in the water (fresh water).
Well this tells you that the boat definitely floats. A primary concern has been put to rest. :)
That's great for getting a test sail, but it complicates inspection of the hull, keel, propellor, etc.
Well - yes - while it is in the water but...

Would you insist on a haul-out prior to closing the deal?
Absolutely 100% no ifs, ands, or buts. And I am certainly not the only one.
If so, should that be at my expense or the dealer's
The dealer's. If he balks at this then walk.
The boat is under warranty, but the full-coverage part only lasts a year, so it's possible that something could go undiscovered until the next time I have reason to haul it out. Since it's got new bottom paint, that might be more than a year. I guess I can make a point to do an annual haul-out a little on the early side.
Don't even think of buying this boat or any boat without a haulout, a survey and a sea trial. Your dealer is expecting to do this. Don't let him tell you that it's "not necessary because it's a new boat". There are always problems with boats - new, old, and in-between. Most of the time the problems are minor and not worth worrying about but there is the off-chance that this will be an exception. The possibility exists that there is some issue that the dealer isn't even aware of...

Good Luck !
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