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increasing and consolidating standing rigging size

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My boat has a mix of standing rigging, lower shrouds (two on each side) are 3/16" wire. The rest are 7/32". I have Sta-Lok fittings all around.

I am doing more and more ocean sailing and would like to go up a wire size (seems like a good idea and would probably ease my mind a bit when the going gets rough). Up one wire size would mean going to 7/32" on the lowers and 1/4" on everything else.

But I'm wondering if it would be wise (and OK) to go up to 1/4" all around. That would be going up *2 sizes* on the 4 lowers and up one size on the rest. This way all of my standing rigging would be the same diameter wire and it would simplify my spares quite a bit. (both wire and fittings).

However I understand that going up *too* much can overstress the boat fittings. is going up to 1/4" on the lowers too much in this case?
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Here are a couple of other considerations. What are pin sizes of your clevis pins? My guess is 3/8". 1/4" is usually 7/16" or 1/2". Doubt if your chain plates would take 1/2". My experience with 2 different 28.5 footers that I have owned is that 7/32" for headstay, backstay, and upper shrouds are very sturdy. 3/16" for lower shrouds is also what I had. (Sabre and C&C)

I experienced a 60 knot microburst with the Sabre at night with full sails up. The shrouds and stays did not break but the 1/2" through bolt for lower shroud tang pulled through the mast and took down the rig rather abruptly.
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