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increasing and consolidating standing rigging size

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My boat has a mix of standing rigging, lower shrouds (two on each side) are 3/16" wire. The rest are 7/32". I have Sta-Lok fittings all around.

I am doing more and more ocean sailing and would like to go up a wire size (seems like a good idea and would probably ease my mind a bit when the going gets rough). Up one wire size would mean going to 7/32" on the lowers and 1/4" on everything else.

But I'm wondering if it would be wise (and OK) to go up to 1/4" all around. That would be going up *2 sizes* on the 4 lowers and up one size on the rest. This way all of my standing rigging would be the same diameter wire and it would simplify my spares quite a bit. (both wire and fittings).

However I understand that going up *too* much can overstress the boat fittings. is going up to 1/4" on the lowers too much in this case?
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Great information, I had no idea of the ramifications. Thank you all!

I don't see crossing oceans in my future but I do intend to take longer coastal trips and to cross to Bermuda in a few years.

So I will stick with the original wire sizes and be confident that it was properly designed.

One more question: the wire, chainplates and sta lok fittings are about 12 years old. It all looks good no surface rust, no cracks in the fittings or chainplates. no broken strands in any of the wires. Seems wise to replace the wire, but is there any concern reusing the sta lok fittings?
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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