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A 21' boat should be able to get by with a 20" shaft. 25" is nicer if possible.

Does Lehr makes a 25" shaft version of your outboard? If so will they sell you the hard to convert your engine? That would probably be cheaper than doing the buy and sell.

The bracket was moved (not by me) on my old Catalina 25 by mounting some square channel stainless to the existing mount points, then adding new mount points to the channel where they wanted the bracket to be now. It worked well, but maybe didn't look the best.

You can see a photo of it here (warning, large photo to make the bolts visible, that is why I didn't inline it):

If I were buying a new transom bracket I'd also check out Garhauer, they seem to make nicer ones than Garelick at a similar price point.
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