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I too think this is one of those areas where the marketplace has worked well for the consumer, and that you can pick between 4 or 5 systems and be pleased, assuming proper installation. But I''d caution you to think the roller furling system is by itself going to give you a good reefed headsail; even small reefs can produce lousy sail shape without a sail properly built, leads changed, and the boat being able to handle the increased lee helm.

Eric''s point about Profurl was hard for me to ignore, and we did end up with a Profurl because we wanted the robust construction for sailing in the Caribbean, and because they''d just improved the internal rollers that surround the headstay. Another plus is that many riggers are familiar with the unit. I passed on Furlex 4 years ago because it wasn''t quite as ruggedly constructed, but their new design is far better and I''d seriously consider that on the next boat.

Good luck & enjoy shopping!

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