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Sorry for your loss. If one dies without a will, by definition, there can't really be an executor. However, Chili may, like most US states, appoint someone to administer the estate. That appointment would commonly get back to a sibling in the US, if there were no surviving spouse or children.

One big issue I would have your wife check immediately is whether there are any liens on the boats. If so, you'll need to deal with them to sell it and, of course, want to be sure they are being serviced in the meantime.

Sounds like you'll have little choice but to find a good broker. You'll have no way to negotiate a sale of the boats, if you have no experience in the process.

Good luck.

p.s. this is a good time for a Captain Ron reference......... (an early 1990s movie starring Kurt Russel and Martin Short, where they are faced with your problem. I like their solution. Watch it!)
1 - 2 of 47 Posts
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