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Initial rig tension

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I just stepped the mast on my 1982 Catalina 38. I know that I want to do final rig tuning at sea to ensure that the mast is in column and doesn''t pump too much, but I would like to set up the shrouds at a reasonable tension before going to sea.

The rig is masthead, with upper shrouds running from the masthead through both spreaders, lower shrouds running from the mast just below the upper spreaders through the lower spreaders, and a pair of shrouds on each side that run from the mast just below the lower spreaders to chainplates about 2 feet forward and 2 feet aft of the upper and lower chainplates. The rigging is 5/16".

The middle of the scale on the Loos Pro gauge is 1300 lbs for this size wire. Would that be a good starting point? Should the uppers be set the tightest? If so, how much tighter should these be than the lowers? How tight should the fore-and-aft shrouds be, and do these have a proper name?

If it makes any difference to the answer, I want to pour Spartite before I do my final tuning, and therefore I don''t have the mast blocked at the partners.


Jim in Norfolk
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I have also just steped my mast (Irwin 35'' sailboat - masthead rig) and used the Loos Pro system. In general, I have always set the tension between 10 & 15% of the their rated breaking figures despite Loos''s recommendation to go as tight as possible. So in general, I have used the middle of the scale w/o "pumping" problems in 15 to 30 knot winds. Sorry, cant help on the upper shrouds - I''ve never tested it.
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