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Installing any tach on a YSE8 Yanmar??

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I need to install a tach on my 75 YSE8 to solve some other problems involving low power and black smoke. After researching, it appears I have no way of connecting one without rebuilding that right???? I've found the "Tiny tach", but I don't have enough straight steel fuel line to install the it's sending unit, otherwise it would do great I think.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated, THANKS!!!!
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I checked out the Auto Meter 2888, and it would do the job it appears, but I'd like to install it dash mount.....I guess I could customize it to do so. I'm still looking at the Tiny Tach as well, just have to see if I can squeeze out enough straight fuel line to install the transducer ;) Thanks again for the suggestion, and keep any others coming!!!
I think the Tiny Tach is the way to go too now...I've been talking with Steve, and he says they've put many on YSE8's already...the transducer is much smaller that I though, so there should be a spot to install it on my short line.
thanks for the help guys, and good luck mitiempo with yours ;)
Windemere is long gone now, but I did install the Tiny Tach very easily, and it worked very well for me, about 90% effective, and was invaluable for setting the engine at 2200rpms, my engines sweet spot. Good luck!!!!
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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