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Hey guys,

Thanks a lot for the feedback it is really helpful and enlightening.

Ok heres some more details. I live and work in Dubai, and house rents here are crazy. Like i said, my yearly rental fees are $16,000, and on top of that I pay around $500 per month utility bills, so another $6,000 a year for bills.

I intend to move to Sydney in 2 years for good, as I have a Permanent residency visa and intend to migrate there and build my life there, and having visited Sydney past February, I saw rents there are as crazy as Dubai if I want to live in the city and not in the suburbs.

So with this new piece of information, what would you guys recommend? I have been researching boats and a Hans Christian 42' or so sounds awesome, with enough space for living, and a nice deck for hanging out, and looks just like my dream boat. It is just an idea, a potential candidate so to speak, so some feedback on that is also appreciated, keeping in mind Id like to take up sailing as a hobby some day when I can afford to do it as often as I like to, and some lone cruises might be an option to consider also.

Looking forward to your amazing feedback :)
Sounds like a solid plan to me. But HC 42 is a LOT of Boat for a first time boat owner and someone who does not know how to sail. I would concentrate on a quality mid 30 foot boat as the biggest for a new boat owner. Hans Christian are nice, but are also known as a "leaky teaky" as in teak decks (most will have them) that tend to promote lots of leaks, and leaks often lead to smells and worse, mold. Not all of them will have teak decks and they may have been taken off and repaired by now. Keep in mind on a boat like that replacement of the teak decks may well cost as much as the boat is worth, and pulling teak off the decks and replacing with nonskid is going to be in the tens of thousands.

Smaller boats will have much smaller maintenance expenses. If you are after cost savings find the smallest boat you think you can fit in, not the biggest you can afford.

Also you will have to find out the rules for living aboard in marinas in Sydney. I am not aware of the rules, but here in the US it is very much different marina by marina, and state by state. Some places like California are required to keep a to no more than a certain % live aboard and may have multi-year long wait lists to get a good live aboard slip. Some places say no live aboard at all, but if you go in person they may make an exception if you look professional and have a clean boat that will not sit and rot. Other places will kick you out if are on board more than a few days a week. Some may require a physical address before renting a slip.

There are lots of expenses to living on a boat, that are not going to occur living on land. I doubt you will save money, but you will have a boat and fun for sure.

PS there is a live aboard section in the forums, as this is not really seamanship & navigation related.
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