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One thing you have to keep in mind...high rent locations usually have high slip fees to go along with them. As mentioned above, before you do anything, check out local marinas where you might consider living and find out the costs. Not just the slip fee, but most charge for electricity, water and other amenities. Usually, the electric rates are bumped up to add a little extra profit for the marina.
Also, many marinas charge extra for live-aboards as well.
When you find out that the slip fees are higher than you expected and add to that the cramped living quarters you will have to live with, you will find that even a very small apartment will feel like a palace compared to a boat.

Some years ago, our family went to Seattle on vacation and while there, went to one of the local marinas to check out an in-water antique boat show. We also found out the typical slip fees for local marinas. We were absolutely floored as to what we saw for slip fees...basically 3-5 times higher than what we pay.
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