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So what do you guys say? Is the life on a boat fun? Or something that should be avoided? Does my idea make sense?
Does having all your clothes smell like "boat" appeal to you? How about tracking down the leak that's dripping on your berth in a pouring rainstorm? Dealing with a cranky engine? Rebedding deck hardware? Painting bottom? Stitching torn sails? Walking up to the marina to take a shower?

Many of these things can potentially be solved by throwing money at them - at the expense of your budget-friendly housing solution.

And in fairness not all boats have to smell oppressively boaty - my first was way worse than the second, but I didn't live on it. I think my windbreaker still smells like boat.

I think it's an awesome idea at your stage in life. Just know what you're getting yourself into.
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