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100k can buy a lot of boat, which may be a little much for a novice but only you can judge that. It also doesn't mean that you can't buy your own boat, and sail with other people on either your own, or other boats to learn. And the classes out there offered are a great step into it (101, etc).

Not sure where you're looking to live in, but just get an idea of what the rates are going to be, etc. As long as you're under $1300 a month, then you're coming out cheaper than what you're paying now, which should be doable in most places I imagine. Most places charge by the length of your boat, which could also factor in. While you might be tempted to buy the biggest and bestest that your 100k can get, make sure to take a realistic approach, check out as many as you can to see how you get around inside, try to make a mental picture of everything you will want to have with you on board, as there will be less space than your current living space (I can only assume).

Definitely check the forums on here, and other sites, with questions and comments regarding the boats you might consider. When you're talking that money, it should go without saying to have a professional survey done of a boat that you are strongly considering.
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