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I was down to the boat yesterday and poking around in the lockers under the V berth where the holding tanks are located, and noticed

1) the capped through-hull fitting for the knot-meter (old paddle wheel lying next to it still connected to electrical system) LOL

2) what appears to be a potted transducer or sensor which is mounted exactly center just about 12 inches fore of the keel. (wire appears to be a insulated twisted pair that has been snipped off about 12 inches from the sensor)

I never noticed this before until I started looking around for a spot to mount an in-hull transducer. So then, I went down under the boat to look and sure enough there is bulb of sorts molded into, and protruding from the hull just in front of the keel.

Is this a feature of the C&C 25 or did someone have this custom installed? I wonder if the transducer can be used by other depth finders?

I am going to snap some photos today while down there, so you guys can see what I’m talking about.
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