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My daughter, now almost 37 and an MD living 400 miles away worries about me sailing alone. This past Christmas she gave me a SPOT. I have not had the opportunity to actually use it yet, I have a broken foot and after a month on crutches I am now struggling with this lovely boot. Sailing is a way off but with approaching spring and the healing foot I hope it will not be long until I am out again and my SPOT will be with me. I figure it serves 2 purposes; first to let the family know I am safe and second to call for help is I am not. Sure I have a VHF radio and sail in an area with good CG coverage but you never know how the emergency will play out, I would rather have an extra level of assistance and not need it than the reverse.

In the 2 tests I have made with SPOT, it has worked flawlessly. I only wish there was a way to let ME know it was working. The unit doesn't give much feedback when it is doing its job.
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