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internal halyards

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Long story short, mast is down, no messenger lines installed, halyards are internal.
Before I go buy a roll of piano wire do you think pushing piano wire down the inside
of a mast is going to work as a messenger? At the mast head there are individual holes that the halyards go through then over the sheaves. I thought of using an electrician fish tape but that radius bend from the sheave to the hole is pretty sharp.
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One rigger I know use old rigging wire for this, it's easy to push through.

But there is no head cap to remove it might be difficult.

There is another method - never tried my self though..
Place the mast with the side want the new halyard to go down
use a thin line with a magnetic object in the end, it must be small so it can pass through the opening.
Use a strong magnet to pull the magnetic object down i inside the mast.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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