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internal halyards

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Long story short, mast is down, no messenger lines installed, halyards are internal.
Before I go buy a roll of piano wire do you think pushing piano wire down the inside
of a mast is going to work as a messenger? At the mast head there are individual holes that the halyards go through then over the sheaves. I thought of using an electrician fish tape but that radius bend from the sheave to the hole is pretty sharp.
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Kite string, paper towel and a vacuum will do the trick. just seal up the holes you arent using, knot the string around the paper towel and stuff it into the mast. Use the vacuum where you want the string to come out and turn it on! The vacuum will suck the paper towel (or kleenex) through the mast and bring the kite string messenger line with it. replace the kite string with a piece of stringer twine and then use that to pull the halyward through!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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