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Internet at Sea - Sky Mate I1000

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I was thinking about adding a Sky Mate I1000 to my boat for limited internet at sea, mainly for weather information and limited email. Anyone have experience with this unit?

Skymate I1000


The SkyMate I1000 is your global communication solution. Our technology gives you access to essential data services including email and weather so that you can stay in touch with friends, family and co-workers when out of cellular coverage on your boat. The SkyMate system works with any Wi-Fi enabled device (cell phones, tablets, and computers), simply connect and open the browser of your choice.

Retail: $1,600 and about $35-65/mon.


E-Mail & Attachments

SkyMate provides worldwide email coverage. Whether you are at the dock or in the middle of the Atlantic, you can stay in touch with family, friends, and coworkers with SkyMate. Our easy to navigate screens makes it simple to send or receive emails from anywhere in the world. With the addition of Wi-Fi you are now able to access your SkyMate email on your phone, tablet, or laptop anywhere on your boat. You can read messages from your work and home e-mail accounts if your office or Internet Service Provider uses a Post Office Protocol (POP3) server. If you like, you can choose to retrieve message headers only, which can then allow you to select which full messages you would like. New in the Skymate ISeries are attachments. For your convenience, attach any type of file to your email up to 40 Kb and press send, its that easy!.


SkyMate offers a wide range of weather options from textual to graphical. All of our weather is on a per request basis. You select the type of weather and the location and your request will be sent to you within minutes. Examples of services available are: Coastal, Offshore, High Seas, Buoy, Point Forecast, Tropical, NEXRAD, and various charts.

WiFi Connectivity

The Skymate ISeries is now completely wireless. Connect to it through any device capable of running a browser such as Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer from anywhere on your boat. Enjoy the freedom of staying connected without wires.
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Skymate was on Global Star so didnt cover some oceans. The new system does.
I was very interested in putting it on and would be now except I am borrowing a sat phone from a friend so it can go into the liferaft if necessary.

Skymate could well be a solution that works for you.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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