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Is it getting more crowded out there?

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I keep hearing that sailing is on the decline. Boat sales seem to be down (at least big boat sales), and I keep hearing that fewer young people are getting into activity. At the same time I also keep reading (here and other places) that popular cruising areas have never been busier. Anchorages are apparently full and moorings are hard to get.

Seems contradictory.

As someone just beginning the full-time journey, I'm curious what to expect "out there." Is it more packed than it has ever been (as I often read here), or is there a decline in boaters, and hence a reduction in busy anchorages and marinas?
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It certainly seems to us that there are more people out here cruising. The crowds last summer in the San Juans and the Canadian Gulf Islands were amazing. It seems, too, that there are more people every year.

We attribute that to increasing numbers of early retirees - the Baby Boomers are now transitioning to the Retirement Boomers. before spurring the big boom in the assisted living, undertaking and burial plot businesses.

We have probably contributed a little with our videos and web site showing that even people like us can go cruising; and we figure if we can do it anyone can...We would love to keep the secret but we can't help ourselves :cool:
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